Our Projects

Youth Program

To motivate youths and for the benefits of them MSLKK undertaken a special Kushal Yuva Karyakram (KYP) implemented by Bihar Govt. World is going to be the dwelling place of adolescent and it is our responsibility to lead them in the right tract and let them live more lively. Adolescents are the most important and sensitive group of the project and special measures have been taken to mobilize and involve them in the project activities and built their character to become a good citizen of the country. 

In the socialization process, moral up gradation is an urgent need. Our program facilitates this process through various group activities, meetings, training, cultural programs, sports etc. to motivate youths and for the benefits of them we undertaken a special Kushal Yuva Karyakram (KYP) implemented by Bihar Govt.

Educational Support

Mansara Shanti Lok Kalyan Kendra support varied education programmes in our society as we have computer learning center, coaching center etc. We all know that education is one of the main pillars of the development but due to poverty, parents are unable to provide/continued education to their child. Their limited world view and hand to mouth economic conditions lead them to engage their children in the agricultural field. If not, send them to other places for earning their bread. So, the need of support to the children emerged. 

We encourage poor and needy section of people to send their children to nearby schools. We promised to help them financially and morally. We hope that every child has a promising role in building a society. So, it’s our duty to take utmost care of him or her and help them to get educated.

Development and Empowerment for Women

Mansara Shanti Lok Kalyan Kendra organize various vocational courses for women and youths. Women are the most neglected section of the society in India who doesn’t have any voice to speak for their own due to lack of education and economic dependency. Economic self sufficiency can ensure the development of women as well as the nation. Women empowerment through Self help Group and Micro Credit program has been undertaken for sustainable economic development of women and to ensure their right to the society. 

If a woman get educated she can teach an entire generation. For this reason we focus on women development and empowerment.

Blanket Distribution

Mansara Shanti Lok Kalyan Kendra tries to provide help with every possibility to the needy people. In the season of winter, we distribute blankets and woolen clothes to the poor and street people and mentally ill people who lived their lives in roadside footpaths. Some housemaids also get help from us. To get relief woolen clothes are necessary to fight against the bitter cold. In the rural and remote areas of our state Bihar, the chilly wind often blows. In this extreme climatic condition, we try to help people with our little effort. 

Flood Relief Programme

In the rural areas of Bihar devastating flood is ruining the lives of common people. Old and poor people are the main victims of this flood. Every year during the rainy season the situation of Bihar get worsen. To give them proper relief and other necessary help Mansara Shanti Lok Kalyan Kendra is striving hard. We also try to give them rehabilitation.

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Join Us

We are actively looking for motivated individuals to serve as volunteers to enrich our community’s services and programs by sharing their special skills, time, and talents.

We pray to you,  to join hands in the Holy name of Swami Vivekananda to sustainable effort at poverty alleviation, however small might it be.